1. Download the form at the bottom. 

2. Fill it out and sign. Name, Signature, and most important Email.

3. Return it to the brewery or email to george.schneider@otgbrew.com.

4. That's it! You're in the database for future geocache.

5. At the end of the count down timer the GPS coordinates will be disclosed to the email you provided us, as well as other participants. The race is on! Good luck. Stay safe.

6. Please let us know you found it. Swing by the brewery, send us a picture of yourself with the cache and email us at otgmarketing@otgbrew.com, or send us a facebook message. Also, be sure to #OTGbrew on Instagram & Facebook!

GeoSprint #3     03/04/2017     Winner:  Victor Randolph & John Maley (Team Effort)

GeoSprint #2     08/27/2016     Winner:  Drew Kaiser

GeoCache #1     05/21/2016     Winner:  Artur Pak

  • Pint Glass
  • Limited Edition Black Growler + Fill
  • ​Metal OTG bottle opener

GeoCache #3 Contents:

You can sign up now for the next cache. If you have already signed up previously, than you are not required.

If you are interested in sponsoring an item in our cache box email otgmarketing@otgbrew.com or george.schneider@otgbrew.com

Get off the grid. Be the first to locate our ​cache in the outdoors, given just the GPS coordinates.