TrailBlazer              - Imperial Red

Honey Cham          - Specialty Ale

Gypsy Gold            - Bohemian Lager 

First Tracks            - IPA

Hawespiper            - Porter

True North              - Imperial Stout

Smash                    - American Lager

Peak Bagger           - Brown Ale

Dawn Patrol            - Weissbeir

Hibiscus                  - IPA

El Dorado               - Coffee Lager

Alpine Start            - Imperial IPA

Machu Picchu        - Chocolate Porter

Hand-Crafted Micro Brews Designed For Taste, smoothness, and quality. 

Each of our beer recipes uses only the finest hops, wheat, barley, and other ingredients to combine for a fine tasting brew. We don't pour our beers unless we are 100% satisfied with the quality.

Family Owned and operated

A family decided to open shop in Apple Valley where they've lived since 1991. The story begins in 2011 brewing on a 20 gallon pilot system and co-brewing with Inland Empire Brewing Co. on their 7 bbl system. After being accepted by customers at brew festivals and local restaurants, we've decided to spread our wings and create our own establishment.

Featured Brews